RENT a JOG - Running trough Tripoint (Switzerland/Germany/France) from Basel to Lörrach
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RENTaJOG - Many ways get you trough Basel to Lörrach
“Rent-a-Jog“ is a modern and healthy way to feel comfortable in a city such as Basel. This experience is ideally designed for the person whom is unfamiliar  how to get about in a new city; hasn’t unlimited time on their hands and yet has their running shoes packed within their suitcase.  Or passionate runners whom wish to get to know their city better.  Many Business travellers exercise their minds during the day with long Meetings and would love to be able to tie up their running laces in the evening to exercise  their bodies in their host city, before a night cap at the Hotel bar.
Perhaps a jog to capture the fresh Rhein air; explore the small alley ways of Kleinbasel or  wonder at the starry sky while passing over the Abbey square.  Or even an hours jog in which you pass through three different countries?  Perhaps you have a desire to try out the Basel marathon course (< 11km)  or just wish a routine training run.
You will be collected from your Hotel or another meeting point punctually for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and have a “jogging buddy” whom shares professional running tips as well as giving you a personalized view of the city.
The new way
to experience the ''now''! ®
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