RENT a JOG - Running trough Tripoint (Switzerland/Germany/France) from Basel to Lörrach
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Pace ?
Pace example: 6 min Pace = 6 Minutes per Kilometer that is 10 km/hrs
Can I choose how fast  I have to run ?
Yes, Fast<= 5 min Pace  /  Moderate<= 6 min Pace  /  Confortable <= 7 min Pace
What is the required training level ?
No special requirements
Do I have to jog the whole distanz ?
No, fast walking needs to be exercised too.
What is a Garantie to finish ?
1. You need to bring the mental strength for your goal.
2. You required to train strictly to the given training plan (there is no bad weather, only bad clothing).
3. At the day of the race you can not be sick or have any muscular pains.
4. For a Marathon-Coaching you should be able to run already 15 km and still talk with me on the last Km.
Can I cancel a booked run ?
Bookings can be canceled up to 12 hrs prior your appointment,
otherwise they will be fully charged.
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